Ministry of Finance


The Ministry headquarters provides leadership for the whole Ministry although the three Departments are operationally independent of the Ministry and have their own votes.

The Ministry headquarters has the following divisions/sections whose heads report to the Secretary to the Treasury.

Pension Policy

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Public Finance Management Systems

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Budget Division

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The Budget Division falls under the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance. Particularly in the Treasury Department, the Division manages the allocation of national resources sustainably. This is achieved through the management of the government national budget and the resource allocation to public sector institutions.
The Section provides professional advice and technical guidance on government expenditures. Specifically, the Section performs the following functions:

  • Determine Government expenditure ceilings in the medium term framework in line with the resource envelope in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders;
  • Provide professional advice to Ministries and Departments on the establishment and identification of objectives, definitions of outputs and activities to be undertaken;
  • Provide technical advice to Ministries and Departments on budget preparation so as to ensure that estimates are submitted in line with national priorities and ensure compliance with Government policies;
  • Facilitate the implementation of budget related reforms in line with international best practices; and
  • Provide professional advice and assistance to Cabinet on the Management of Budget Preparation, Monitoring and Implementation.

The Section analyzes and monitors finances of Government in order to ensure that expenditures incurred are in line with the resource envelope and approved budget estimates. Specifically, the section performs the following functions:

  • Analyzes and monitors cash flow of Ministries and Departments;
  • Provide professional advice to Ministries and Departments on cash flows in order to smoothen expenditure within the financial year;
  • Provide information and advice to the Budget Director on any cash flow problems and recommendation on measures of dealing with such situations; and
  • Prepare reports on cash flow patterns of Government Ministries and Department to the relevant authorities.

To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, the section is divided into sectors; these are Social, Economic and General Administration and Governance.
Monitoring and Evaluation Section is responsible for;

  • Ensuring that there is budget expenditure discipline in line with the Public Finance Management Act (2003);
  • Monitoring  and analyzing utilisation of funds on both recurrent and development budget in light of budget targets;
  • Consolidating data needed for budget progress reporting and meaningful annual budgeting and evaluation;
  • Physical monitoring of public projects and analysing implementation of the set targets; and
  • Assisting Ministries and Councils  in the budget preparation process



Central Internal Audit Division

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Internal Audit Common Service was created by the Malawi Government in July, 2003 to improve in the use of public resources, reduce potential risks of corruption and financial mismanagement. It consists of the Central Internal Audit Unit (CIAU) which is under the Ministry of Finance and Internal Audit Units in Ministries and Departments. The CIAU recruits and train internal auditors and in addition coordinates, supervises and directs all Internal Audit activities in Government and ensures that Internal Audit adds value to the overall management of public resources.

Revenue Policy Division

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The Revenue Policy Division was established in March 2006 with the responsibility of policy formulation and oversight as regards mobilization and management of Government revenue. Emanating from a Tax Policy Unit in the Economic Affairs Division, the division was formulated to expand its scope and emphasis from managing the mobilization of tax revenue to management of both tax and non-tax revenue due to the Government.
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